Friday, September 19, 2008

More States of the Race: Phew!

Yes, I know C4O has been flooded with new polls for the last few days. But hey, what can we do? We're just trying not to drown in it! ;-)

Btw, here are the new Marist Battleground Polls (via TPM):

Obama 52%
McCain 43%

Obama 47%
McCain 45%

Obama 49%
McCain 44%


The bad news: I can't see any.

The good news: This is another poll out this week that shows Obama slightly in Ohio, so it looks like the current financial turmoil may be helping to swing The Buckeye State back toward Obama. Meanwhile, the new polls from Michigan and Pennsylvania are truly welcome news. With other polls from earlier this week (conducted before the Lehman-Merrill-AIG crisis made headlines) suggesting a VERY tight race in these two states, Marist now suggests that like Ohio, the recent financial crisis may be moving Michigan & Pennsylvania back into Obama's column.

Conclusion: With Marist now chiming in, we can safely conclude that Ohio is DEFINITELY a "toss-up state" that we can win. And while I'm not yet ready to conclude that we're all clear in Michigan & Pennsylvania, it does look like Obama still has a slight edge in these Blue States we need to keep blue. Overall, the states of the race look good up in Great Lakes Country. :-)


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