Sunday, September 21, 2008

Drill, Baby, Drill

Brave New Films' most recent addition to the dialogue about John McCain's ill-advised and dangerous policy proposals is this video:

Now, let's be frank: The Republicans yelling, "Drill, baby, drill," on the eve of the the move away from traditional energy sources to the revolution of alternative forms of energy is a little bit like someone screaming, "I'll be damned if you'll take away my carbon paper," on the eve of the revolution of duplicating processes. It's like yelling, "You will pry this mimeograph machine from my cold, dead hands," as the moving company rolls the Xerox photocopier into the office.

There is simply no other conclusion you can make: We Democrats are the party of the future; the Republicans apparently think the internal combustion engine is a cutting edge technology.


Dizzy said...

Wow ... that was a well written and pointed comparison that should leave the risk of voting McBush in stark relief.

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