Friday, October 31, 2008

As I Leave for Nevada

My bags are packed. The car is ready. My bedroom door is locked. The housesitter is here to watch my grandmother and my house.

Basically, I'm all ready to go. This will be the last time before the election that I will have this kind of time to sit down & chat with you. Because once I unpack at the hotel in Vegas, I will be busting my ass nonstop to help Obama win Nevada and get Dina Titus elected to Congress. I'll try my best to update you in these last few days on what's happening on the ground in Nevada, but I can't make any promises.

That's why I'll mostly be entrusting our C4O community to my fellow terrific admins. DCDemocrat and all our other wonderful bloggers will be providing you with campaign updates, polling news, and wise insight that only they can give.

And when I return, the fun will NOT end! Please stay tuned on November 5 as we unveil our post-election plans. I can hardly wait to share with you what's to come with C4O.

But in the mean time, please do whatever you can in these last five days to MAKE VICTORY HAPPEN! Whether it's making calls or knocking doors or organizing online, please keep up the good work. I'm so honored that you all have done so much alongside me to help Democrats win. Let's not stop now. Keep up the good fight, and I know we will win! :-)


LakersFan said...

I feel the excitement building just reading this.

There are undecided voters in Nevada right now that are going to go out and vote for Obama and Titus on Tuesday because you knock on their door this weekend. With your positive attitude and enthusiasm, you represent Democrats so well, and you are definitely making a difference in this election. It's an honor to virtually know you.

CorgiGuy said...

righ on! keep up the good work!

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