Friday, October 31, 2008

David Plouffe tells us what it is

David Plouffe had one of his periodic telephone calls with the media and provided a number of promising details. Ben Smith at Politico reports:
On the conference call, David Plouffe made the case that in key states -- including Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, and New Mexico -- the race is already well on its way to being decided, because so many people have voted early.
Smith reports that Plouffe said:
We’re sort of out of the land of theory in a lot of these states. You’re starting to see how the election is going to unfold.
According to Plouffe, the new and sporadic voters are showing up. If you recall last night New York Times/CBS poll, the difference between that poll that had an 11-point margin and polls like Fox's was the projections about whether new voters would appear at the polls.

According to Scott Helman of, Plouffe noted that the campaign is opening advertising fronts in North Dakota, Georgia, and Arizona.

Plouffe said:
The die is being cast as we speak.


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