Thursday, October 30, 2008

A deluge of polls

First, the Hotline Diageo daily tracker:

Obama 48
McCain 42

The numbers were 49-42 yesterday and 50-42 the day before. Comments Hotline:
After losing 2% of support over the last two days, Obama now leads by 6%. McCain meanwhile has held steady at 42% for five consecutive releases.
Hotline says that among people who already have voted, Obama leads 55-36.

Seltzer for The Indianapolis Star finds that in Indiana:

Obama 46
McCain 45

The article observes:
It portends a cliff-hanger election in Indiana, a state that usually is declared "red" by the TV networks within minutes of most polls in the state closing at 6 p.m.
We haven't heard too much from New Jersey, and for obvious reasons, as Research 2000 confirms:

Obama 54
McCain 38

The numbers were 50-41 in September. Again signaling McCain's suspense of his judgment in his choice of Sarah Palin, the article observes:
The poll indicates Republican presidential candidate John McCain's selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hurt him with New Jersey voters.
Just as New Jersey holds no suspense, Texas holds no suspense. The University of Texas finds:

McCain 51
Obama 40
Barr 1

Here is a poll of a different stripe. Nielson reports that 21.7% of households, that is, one household in five in the United States, watched the Obama commercial last evening.


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