Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today's States of the Race

Brought to you by Allstate & National Journal! They've released their new set of swing state polls. To get a better sense of what's happened in the last 10 weeks, I've included their Mid-September numbers in parentheses.

Obama 48%
McCain 41%
(Was 41-42 for McCain)

Obama 48%
McCain 44%
(Was 41-48 for McCain)

Obama 48%
McCain 44%
(Was Obama 45-44)

Obama 45%
McCain 44%
(Was Tied 44-44)

North Carolina:
Obama 47%
McCain 43%
(NC wasn't polled in September.)

The bad news: NJ shows a closer race than most other pollsters in these swing states.

The good news: LOOK AT THE TRENDLINE! Obama has risen dramatically in the last 10 weeks! He's gone from losing all these states except Colorado to leading in all of them. That's nothing short of breathtaking.

Conclusion: Again, we should NOT count on "winning" before we make it happen! Perhaps the trend is moving in our direction... Or perhaps not so much. Whether we're just barely ahead for leading by a mile, nothing really counts until after the polls close on November 4. So what are you waiting for? Get out and MAKE VICTORY HAPPEN! :-D


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