Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Can We Expect After Tonight

Obviously, all of us are curious about what may or may not happen after Barack Obama gives the "closing argument" of his life on national teevee tonight. How will "swing voters" react? What will Obama supporters do? How will the McCrazy campaign respond? All these questions and more are swirling in my head, and I'm sure you've been thinking about it all as well.

So what happens? I guess there's no way for us to know until after it happens. Still, let me offer some words of encouragement.

First, the Obama campaign knows what it's doing. For us to think otherwise is needless worrying. If anyone can do something to "seal the deal" in this final week, I'm sure the smart strategists at Chicago HQ have designed this half-hour presentation to do just that.

Second, how the heck can a 30 minute primetime special on Obama's solutions for our troubled economy hurt us? For all the talk among the radical righties about this causing "a massive backlash", they're simply hoping for the nearly impossible. After all, remember how they all bragged about how "McCain will cream Obama in the debates"? Yeah, how did that work out for them? When we talk about the real-life concerns facing real Americans, Democrats win. And with the GOP desperately trying one more time to distract us with "lipstick" and "socialists" and "terrorists", now's the perfect time to redirect the conversation back to what matters.

And finally, let's not forget the facts on the ground. Democrats have been voting early in greater numbers than Republicans, something that's totally unprecedented. Democrats have a better ground game also this year, something that's also unprecedented. So far, we're doing well. But still, why take any risks in the last week? Why not give Democrats one more reason to be "fired up & ready to go"? This 30 minute program may be able to do just that.

So there. We have reason to feel good going into tonight's historic media event. While we shouldn't be cocky and complacent, we do have every reason to trust the campaign's judgment and do all we can in these last days to support our candidate and our party.


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