Saturday, November 1, 2008

Viva Las Vegas Open Thread Spectacular!

Hey, everyone! How's your Saturday been? I've had quite a blast in my favorite Sin City today! First, I saw our next President rock the casbah in Henderson. Then, I worked the streets for Dina Titus & Barack Obama. So far, I've noticed that A WHOLE LOT OF DEMOCRATS HAVE VOTED EARLY. As long as we continue the momentum into election day, I'm thinking Nevada may be a blowout for us Democrats. We probably only need to break even on election day to win. But as you all know already, I want us to win BIG... So I'm willing to put the extra effort in to make sure Barack & Dina win BIG!

And now, I'm drunk & happy as I gamble my way up The Strip. You won't believe how many people I've seen everywhere from Mandalay Bay to Ceasars Palace wearing Obama t-shirts! YAY!

So what have you been up to? What good news do you want to share with me. Talk to me, baby! I promise I'll have fabulous photos from today up on the blog tomorrow morning! :-D


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