Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pew Sez: What "McSurge"?!

The Pew Center for the People & the Press has its new national poll out. And guess what? There's no big "McSurge" for us to worry about! The media may be chattering about "tightening", but there's none to see in the Pew poll.

All Registered Voters:
Obama 52%
McCain 36%

Likely Voters:
Obama 53%
McCain 38%

Already Voted:
Obama 53%
McCain 34%

Will Vote Before Next Tuesday:
Obama 56%
McCain 37%

Oh, my! McBush isn't digging himself out of the hole he's in. If we're to believe Pew, he's only digging deeper into it.

Let's see what this week's other polls show. But so far, it looks like we have ourselves a stable race. And now, a stable race means a nice Democratic win next Tuesday! :-D


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