Monday, August 25, 2008

Action Alert: Tell CNN That Enough is Enough

We've heard it from Ken Rudin, we've heard from Monica Crowley, we've heard it from Andrew Sullivan, we've heard it from Lars Larson and we're sick of it.

CNN should be ashamed of itself for allowing this comment to go unchallenged this evening:

(via Gotham Acme)

This is (at least) the third time that CNN has allowed this comment to go unchallenged on the air. It's not cute. It's not funny. It's demeanning and sexist and we cannot sit silent when a major news network allows commentators to make these kind of comments about our progressive leaders.

Follow this link to CNN and tell CNN that this kind of sexist discourse should not be tolerated by the network and demand that Alex Castellanos be fired as a CNN Contributor!

Be sure to include this link ( in your message.


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