Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just Say No to the Swift Boat Smears

Already, the GOP attack dogs are preparing to toss out even more ugly smears of Barack Obama. And already, commercial TV channels are selling out whatever was left of their dignity to air these ugly commercials. However, we can do something to stop this mess!

Tell the advertisers to stop supporting channels that allow the Swift Boat garbage on the air. What good will their advertising be if all of us don't watch it? We had to endure the ruthless, baseless slanders against John Kerry. We refuse to see the same happen to Barack Obama. John McCain may have broken his promise not to lower the level the discourse all the way down to the gutter, but we don't have to sit by & allow this gutter trash to pollute the airwaves any longer!

If the TV channels airing the anti-Obama smears refuse to listen to us, that's their problem. Still, we have time to tell the companies airing ads that we won't be watching. So if they want our attention & our $$, they need to act responsibly. Tell them to stop supporting the smears.


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