Monday, August 25, 2008

Late Nite Open Thread: DENVER EDITION!

So how's the first day of the Democratic Convention been? How's Michelle Obama's speech? Did you like Nancy Pelosi's speech? Did you cry during Ted Kennedy's speech? Oh yes, and which network do you prefer watching it on?

This is a very special Denver Edition of open thread... Enjoy & chat away!


Steve M said...

I really liked Michelle's speech, as did my better half. Michelle is just a really really impressive person.

Gerard said...

I am crying my eyes out! Oh what a terrific speech!

cincyr said...

Loved her speech. Got tears in my eyes several times. The Obamas are a great model for American families.

I also really liked the speech by Republican Jim Leach. Especially when he went over the reasons why the Republican party "has broken with its conservative heritage". And this quote, "The portfolio of challenges passed on to the next president will be as daunting as any since the Great Depression and World War II. This is not a time for politics as usual or for run-of-the-mill politicians. Little is riskier to the national interest than more of the same. America needs new ideas, new energy and a new generation of leadership."

I watched the whole thing online at No commercials, no commentary.

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