Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Strategy Session: Reclaiming the O'mentum

Oh, my! Take a look at these new & interesting poll numbers via 538.com!

Ohio: McCain +1
Michigan: Obama +2
Colorado: Obama +5

538.com Projection:
Obama 284 EVs
McCain 254 EVs

So far, so good. Obama's closing the gap in Ohio, holding on in Michigan, and taking back the lead in Colorado. Still, the race looks close. However, it's a little reassuring to see Obama bounce back in most of these crucial swing states.

So what more does the Obama campaign need to do? What do you expect out of these next three days of the convention? What must be done for Democrats to win this fall?

The strategy session is now open. Come on in & grab a comfy seat. It's time for us to plan for victory this fall! :-D


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