Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wild, Wild West


McCain 47%
Obama 41%

Obama 46%
McCain 43%

McCain 47%
Obama 39%

New Mexico
McCain 46%
Obama 41%

OK, so McCain's moving up in Nevada & New Mexico while Obama's moving up in Colorado & Arizona... Right? Right?

I don't know. These numbers perplex me, and they seem to go against what all the other polls are telling us. Still, Mason-Dixon has a story to tell us.

The bad news is that McCain's numbers are too high on the economy. The good news is that Obama's consolidating his strength among Latinos, and he's keeping the race close despite the difficult summer... Even in ARIZONA!! The REALLY good news is that we still have time to fix the problems before November 4.

So don't assume these numbers are exactly what the ground game looks like, but do remember that we can do A LOT to turn these states blue. :-)


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