Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nevada GOP's in Great Shape...

Really! The GOP did a bang-up job of shutting out Ron Paul supporters. Oh yeah, they really know how to alienate their own just as Nevada's turning blue!

The national party's ruling [shutting out Ron Paul delegates from the convention] threatens to alienate an energized group of ready-made foot soldiers at a time when the state party is struggling to keep pace with Democrats. Democratic voters outnumber Republican voters by 60,000 and the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama has invested heavily in the state. By months end, the campaign expects to have 20 field offices and 75 paid staffers statewide. The McCain campaign, on the other hand, has seven offices across the state. Spokesman Rick Gorka has declined to offer specifics, saying staffing is adequate. [...]

Still, some Republicans worry that the Democrats advantage poses a considerable threat to the party, which let its organizational machine languish after four straight successful election cycles.

University of Nevada, Reno, political scientist Eric Herzik said Republicans lost their edge after 2002. The Republican Party went into a nose dive, from which only now its seeking to recover, he said. The chaos of the state convention, he said, made clear McCain has to do it himself; he cannot rely upon a smooth-running state- and county-level machinery.

Horray! The GOP seems to be going out of its way to allow Democrats an opening in Nevada & in other swing states. Good on them. ;-)


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