Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Haven't We All Felt This Way?

We should all identify with her. I mean, haven't we all been going through what Anne Zarate of North Las Vegas, NV, has been going through?

Zarate went through what she referred to as a month of pouting. Obama, she said, was all style, no substance. He didnt have the experience to be president, Zarate said. And then, there was the historic nature of Clintons campaign.

But, slowly, the anger subsided.

I thought, Whats it really about? she said. Its about the issues and the country and whos going to take it forward. I thought they both presented a lot of opportunity for hope and moving forward. Obama is an extraordinary person, and economically, I couldnt reconcile where the Republicans are taking us.

Yes, she gets it. We should get it now. Can we really reconcile where the Republicans are taking us? Can we reconcile with John McCain & four more years of Bush-Cheney disaster?

As Hillary said last night, "No way, no how, no McCain!" :-)


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