Friday, August 29, 2008

LMAO, McCain PWN3D himself!

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"I am so disgusted with McCain and whoever led him in that direction. He has REALLY messed in it." - my maternal grandmother, about 10 minutes ago

LOL, thank you McCain! My 71-year-old lifelong Republican grandmother is voting for OBAMA!

Do you know why? Because of PALIN. Because McCain is old. And she's afraid he'll die, which would mean a woman with no experience and no real accomplishments would become president. And my Gammy's 74-year-old church friend is also voting for Obama. They've kept it a secret between themselves (because they hate Democrats, and it's supposed to be an embarrassment to vote for one). The most pro-life people you'll ever meet. Southern Baptists. Super social conservatives, fiscally conservative. Horrified by Wright. Bought into the "Obama is a Muslim" thing for months and sent me god knows how many emails about it. Thought he might be the ANTICHRIST. Don't think we should pull out of Iraq.

And yet... they're voting for him. That's right. They're Voting. For. Barack. Obama.

"He's either an incredibly gifted liar, or he's exactly what this country needs right now. I think Obama is a different thing. I really believe what he's saying."

That was her reaction to Obama's speech last night. McCain screwed himself out of a vote with Palin. Obama WON himself a vote with his impassioned speech. I'm so excited I can barely think straight. No one in my family has EVER voted for a Democrat (except me, of course, but I don't count).

"Michelle's speech was wonderful, just wonderful. And this thing about her not being patriotic is just a lie. She's pretty much right about how blacks were treated in America."

I'm in shock. Really. In SHOCK. My 71-year-old grandmother is an Obamacan.


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