Tuesday, August 26, 2008

mediaFail: The Convention

In case you missed this story from our AP ticker, do pay attention. It looks to me like the corporate media is once again trying to decide for us what "news" we want to see. Since they think of the party conventions as just "infomercials" for their own respective parties, they'd rather not actually show us the convention. Instead, they want to give us infomercials for their own respective networks & their "talent"!

Notice how so many of the corporate media pundits talked about how Democrats "weren't attacking McCain & Bush enough"? But when primetime speakers like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were doing just that, MSNBC was the only commercial "news" channel that covered her speech. All the other channels had... You guessed it, pundits bloviating during the speech!

So is this what we should expect from our "Fourth Estate"? They don't want to be seen as "spinning for the Democrats"... So they'd rather be ignoring the actual convention to SPIN AGAINST DEMOCRATS??!! Cheese louise, is it too much to ask for the media to report the story instead of twist it?


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