Monday, August 25, 2008

Why This Week Matters

Take a look at the new USA Today/Gallup poll:
Obama holds a 47%-43% edge over McCain among registered voters and a 48%-45% edge among likely voters. Both leads are within the margin of error of +/—4 percentage points.

In the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll a month ago, Obama led McCain by 3 percentage points, but McCain held a 4-point lead among likely voters.
That's the good news. The bad news is that Obama still isn't holding a larger lead because 30% of Hillary Clinton Democrats are either undecided or leaning McBush, while another 23% are just leaning Obama (the other 47% are solid for Obama). So obviously, this week is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

First off, Hillary Clinton will be able to do a whole lot to solve this problem. When the world sees her throw her full support to Barack Obama once more, that will be a HUGE HELP for Democrats. And if Joe Biden & Barack Obama build upon this by presenting a clear contrast from the Bush-Cheney-McCain past & a bold vision for a bright future & a renewed promise for America, this can finally give Democrats the upper hand again.

Hopefully, we'll see a united Democratic front this week in Denver... Which will result in a clear path for a Democratic victory on November 4! :-D


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