Friday, August 29, 2008

A Parlour Trick

I was rather astonished this morning by McCain's VP pick. I actually thought that he might pick a woman and Christine Todd Whitman or Condeleezza Rice seemed obvious choices. I suppose Palin is a better match with McCain. Whitman is probably a bit too liberal and I would have loved seeing the ads with Rice saying "bin Ladin determined to attack in America" over and over and over.

I am astonished, because I have not been right about much lately. I thought Clinton would win, and then knew that she would be tapped for VP. I am not very good at sports metaphors, but I think that is batting 0. I am usually much better at predicting politics. We live in surprising times.

After hearing about the pick, I had a strange thought. If McCain wins, there is a decent chance that the next Presidential election could have two female nominees. Off into la la land here, but if McCain were unable to complete his term or decided to only serve one term, Palin would likely face Clinton in 2012. I am not even thinking about 2016, because the chance of McCain serving two terms is inconceivable to me. And I say la la land, because I actually think Obama will win in November. But remember, I haven't very good at this prediction thing lately.

I will give McCain some credit. He really pulled the media off the Democrats today. Today should have been all about Obama, his speech, the amazing convention, and the Democratic Pary. MCain did the one thing that would suck all of the oxygen out of the political sphere. I think it is a just a parlour trick, but as far as they go, this is a very good one.

It's just that this election has changed everything. I can now see a race between to African Americans or two women or any combination of a non white male at the top of the Presidential ticket. In the long run, I am glad that McCain picked a woman, just as I will be glad if they were to choose Rice or any other republican African American, man or woman, as their candidate in 2012 to run against President Obama. We do live in very surprising and awesome times. On to changing everything



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