Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today's Polls

Here are some interesting poll numbers via

From Strategic Vision (R)-

Florida: McCain +7

From CNN-

Colorado: McCain +1
Nevada: Obama +5
Pennsylvania: Obama +5
New Mexico: Obama +13

The Strategic Vision numbers in Florida are bizarre. But since they're Republican pollsters, their numbers skew somewhat to the right of all other pollsters. We probably don't have to worry too much about them.

But regarding CNN, their numbers are quite fascinating. Colorado looks VERY tight, but the numbers in Nevada, New Mexico, & Pennsylania are quite encouraging. We stand a good chance of winning all these states in the fall, so we should continue working hard here.

Barack Obama really looks to be enjoying a rise in the state polls, and if this continues we can really look forward to a solid win in November. :-)


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