Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin: The Bridge to Nowhere

John McCain has chosen Sarah Palin of Alaska to serve as his running mate on his ticket. Ms. Palin, a Republican born in Idaho, has served as the governor of the smallest state in the union, Alaska, for all of two years. She previously was the mayor of a town with less than 7,000 residents. As far as I can see, her major qualification seems to be that she hunts moose.

I was one of the earliest Hillary supporters in the blogosphere. I have been desperate to see a woman shatter the glass ceiling for the last 40 years. But I would not support a woman who will set the lives of women backwards. Ms. Palin is anti-choice. She is pro-oil drilling. She is shaky on the environment. Personally, I think it's an insult to women. I think John McCain's trying to get the votes of disaffected Hillary supporters by picking someone in a skirt. It is a profoundly cynical choice. If John McCain was serious about a woman with meaningful credentials, why is Kay Bailey Hutchinson not his No. 2 choice? Disaffected Hillary women are smarter than that. Just look at their voting record and the woman they knew was presidential timber.

TPM has a local report on the abuse of power scandal in which Palin is embroiled in Alaska:

McCain chose Palin on the third anniversary of Katrina. Talk about omens.


TCQuad said...

Wow. That was quick on the draw with the video.

After watching it, something smells funny there. Even if it was for the best of intentions, you shouldn't use the power of your office to try and exact personal revenge.

DCDemocrat said...

It is funny, isn't it. I find this choice incredibly flawed. It's sort of desperate. I think it's going to be deconstructed every which way till November.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Kay Bailey Hutchinson didn't want to be VP. I read she might have her eye on the governor's mansion in two years.

I'm on the record as disliking our nominee, so I'll play a little devil's advocate here. Palin takes the experience issue away from McCain. If we push it too hard, the GOP will come back and ask why it is okay to have an inexperienced man run at the top of the ticket but its wrong for an inexperienced woman at the bottom of the ticket. (And for the record, I won't be making that argument because I don't think Obama is ready for the job. Hillary was right, all he brings to the table is a speech in 2002.)

She also helps chip away at the change theme and she helps reinforce one of McCain's arguments, that Obama is all talk while McCain and Palin have records of reform and standing up against entrenched forces.

Any hope of keeping the spotlight on the Obama/Biden ticket disappeared today. All of the media attention will be on McCain and Palin this week.

It was a smart pick!

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