Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CBS News Sez: Obama Wins Debate!

Here we go with the CBS News instapoll!

Who won the debate?
Obama 53%
McCain 22%
Neither 25%

Who can be trusted to make the right decisions on Health Care?
Obama 68%, up from 61%
McCain 30%, up from 27%

Who will raise taxes?
Obama 64%
McCain 50%

Who shares your values?
Obama 64%, up from 54%
McCain 55%, up from 52%

Who can be trusted to handle a crisis?
Obama 63%, up from 50%
McCain 82%, up from 78%

Who will make the right decision in the economy?
Obama 65%, up from 54%
McCain 48%, up from 38%

Who understands your needs and problems?
Obama 76%, up from 66%
McCain 48%, up from 36%

Overall, the internals look great for Obama. This is what we needed. Obama is winning on the issues we need to win on. We're about to win this election! :-)


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