Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's Talk about Voting

I mean it. We need to have this discussion. Why, you ask? We need to protect each other from the vast right-wing conspiracy and what they want to do to us.

So what do they want to do? Oh, just throw us off the voter rolls and/or make sure our votes are not counted! Scared yet? You should be!

Why do you think the radical right continues to obsess over the "ACORN is committing voter fraud!" nonsense? Even though ACORN did no wrong and even though they actually report cases of false registrations to the proper authorities, the vast right-wing conspiracy wants to whip everyone into a frenzy so that "ACORN" can be used as an excuse to disqualify Democrats from voting! Yes, you heard me right! The Republicans are beating the "ACORN" drum to prevent legitimate voters like you & me from voting.

This is no new trick that the GOP is pulling. In fact, they used the same "voter fraud!" excuse to illegally purge 100,000 voters off the voter roll in Florida in 2000, refuse to count many thousands of ballots in Florida that same year, pull dirty tricks to prevent inner city voters from voting in Ohio in 2004, and politicize US Attorneys into purging many more voters off the rolls in swing states like New Mexico in 2006. Today, they are simply using a new excuse ("ACORN voter fraud!") to pull the same dirty tricks and illegally prevent us and millions of newly registered Democrats from exercising our right to vote.

So what can we do about it? Simply put, WE MUST FIGHT BACK! Check the ACLU's voting rights page to know your legal rights. Check election protection sites like Brad Blog often to see if the radical right is targeting your state and see how you can fight back. And finally, visit to make sure you have everything you need to vote.

Do NOT let the Rethuglicans disenfranchise us! Know your rights. Stand your ground. And most importantly, GO FORTH AND VOTE!


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