Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First trackers of the day

Rasmussen is out testifying to his perception of the stability of Obama's lead:

Obama 50
McCain 45

Rasmussen says:
That’s the third straight day with identical numbers and the nineteenth straight day that Obama’s support has stayed in the narrow range from 50% to 52% while McCain has been at 44% of 45%.
Research 2000/Daily Kos is out with essentially the same news:

Obama 52
McCain 41

The number were 52-50 yesterday. This is the 19th day that R2K has had Obama at 50 percent or above.Zogby is out with the message that, "Obama builds his lead":

Obama 49
McCain 43

Zogby had Obama at +6 on Saturday but at +4 on Sunday.

Diageo Hotline shows the race even with where it stood yesterday:

Obama 48
McCain 42


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