Friday, October 17, 2008

OK, we have another tracking poll!

I had been hesitant before to include the Investors' Business Daily/TIPP daily poll, as it didn't seem daily at first and their results seemed out of whack with the other pollsters. But now that they're polling daily, I figured it may be worth including IBD/TIPP in our morning poll reports.

Obama 45%
McCain 42%

Obama 46%
McCain 41%

Apparently, they show more undecideds than the other trackers. Still, they seem consistent with the other pollsters in showing a slight to moderate Obama advantage. If IBD/TIPP is included in our mean averages, yesterday's average would have been Obama +6.14% and today's average would be Obama +6.29%.

So should we regularly include IBD/TIPP in our daily tracking poll updates?


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