Friday, October 17, 2008

Senate Report: Our Rising Stars... REALLY!

Take a look at the new Research 2000 polls up at the top of Daily Kos! Isn't this amazing?


McCain (R) 52%
Obama (D) 40%

Cornyn (R) 50%
Noriega (D) 44%


McCain (R) 50%
Obama (D) 40%

Wicker (R) 47%
Noriega (D) 46%

OK, so Obama may not win The Lone Star State & The Magnolia State. Still, his numbers are much better than Kerry's in 2004. And guess what? That's helping us downballot!

Just weeks ago, Ronnie Musgrove and Rick Noriega were considered hopeless and helpless. They were in Blood Red States with no chance at all. But in just 2-3 weeks, they've now become 2 of our best chances to 60 Senate Seats.

So what should we do now? Obviously, DONATE! And if you live in Texas or Mississippi, please consider volunteering with your state Democratic campaigns! We have no time to lose, so please use it well!


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