Thursday, August 21, 2008

At home with the McCains

Hat tip to Josh Marshall for all his research on this issue.

You have to love the McCains. They have sumptuous taste in housing, and being fabulously wealthy, they can--and do--own lots of homes all over the place. John and Cindy offloaded this pretty pad in Phoenix:

A home in Phoenix

Here's their ranch in the desert:

McCain Desert Ranch

It's important to have a place to stay in town, and the McCains are able to do just that; here's John's mansion in lovely Phoenix:

John McCain Phoenix Home

But if the linen on the bed is mussed, there's no need to worry, because the McCains actually own a $4.6 million condo in another part of Phoenix:

McCain Phoenix condo

Wow. Swank. Actually, this is the presumptive Republican nominee walking down a hallway in that 7,000 square foot condo in Phoenix:

7,000 SQ FT Phoenix condo

This is the building where John and Cindy have their three bedroom condo in Arlington, Virginia:

Arlington, VA condo

But guess what, around the time that John "I'm Not Sure How Many Houses I Own" McCain was advising American homeowners that they should skip their vacations, Cindy "Let Them Eat Cake" McCain got an itch to buy a second beach front condo. The McCains now own two condos in this building:

McCain Coronado Condos

Listen to John McCain answer how many houses he owns:

Actually, Josh Marshall currently is counting 10 McCain homes, but in fairness to the Let Them Eat Cake Family, they say they only use four of them.


Robin Leach, we demand a segment, and we demand it now!


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