Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Expanding the Map

I'm sure we've all heard about all the buzz on "expanding the map". Democrats may finally be able to do it this fall. We have enough winnable Congressional races and enough new swing states to build a stronger Democratic majority.

So can we do it? Only if we make it happen...

Obama is competing in states that Democrats have never really thought about winning before.

Obviously, the Obama campaign is doing a whole lot to expand the map and turn more red states blue. But as we've seen lately, the Republicans will not make it easy for us. They'll throw whatever mud they have at us to try to achieve a third Bush term.We need to ensure our Democrats have what it takes to keep fighting... And keep winning!

We also need to understand that how we win in these new swing states may be different from how we're used to winning traditional "blue states". I may not agree with Senator Ken Salazar (D-CO) on everything, but I understand that he & other Mountain West Democrats needs to address issues in a different way (not necessarily be more conservative, but frame issues differently) in order to win. I may not always understand why Southern Democrats do what they do, but I know they also need to address issues differently in order to win. So if we see Barack Obama & Democratic Congressional candidates in these swing districts speak differently from how we're used to seeing our "Solid Blue" Dems speak, we need not freak out.

But still, all these Democrats in all these areas share the same values we do. Like us, they want real solutions to the climate & energy crisis. Like us, they want our troops home from Iraq as soon as possible. Like us, they want real health care solutions. And like us, they want an economy that works for all of us working people again.

We have a unique opportunity now, in 2008. Americans are tired of the same old Bush-Cheney garbage. Americans want real change. This is our time, and we have to take advantage of it now.

I know we're all freaking out over daily racking polls & VP picks & convention buzz right now. But hopefully, we'll all remember to do what's necessary to help Democrats win. We can't afford to miss this opportunity. Let's build a stronger majority today!



Philly Phan said...

I guess it's a waste of cyberspace, but do y'all think there is any chance of resurrecting the "Dream Team"? (I am not referring to the US Olympic Basketball team).

Philly Phan

PS: I'm not really Southern, but I wanted it to be clear that I am addressing this in the second person plural and standard English is deficient for this purpose.

atdnext said...


I hope so. I really don't know what we're in for in these next few days. I'm just hoping we'll get a VP we can live with. :-)

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