Saturday, August 23, 2008

Get Your Obama/Biden T-shirt

I just received the following email from the Obama campaign:

[Psychodrew] --

Barack Obama and Joe Biden just made their first public appearance as running mates at a rally in Springfield, Illinois.

They are the leaders who will bring the change our country needs. But they can't do it alone.

Show your support for the Obama-Biden ticket today. Make a donation of $30 or more and you will receive a first edition Obama-Biden T-shirt.

We've got our team. But we've also got our work cut out for us.

Your gift will be crucial to preparing this campaign for the general election.

Make a donation of $30 or more and be one of the first to show your support with an Obama-Biden T-shirt:

Thank you for everything you're doing to build this movement for change,

Obama for America



Anonymous said...

I've already ordered my T-shirt! Picking Biden was a smart move. This is the first time I've felt excited about the ticket.

Staff said...

How long do the official t-shirts take to get to the customers?

jeff said...

I made my donation on 8/24. It is now 10/18. I have not yet received the tee. I hope this is not indicative of other promises Obama has made.

Jen said...

also throwing out there that I made my donation at the end of August and have yet to get my t-shirt...was just thinking about what to wear on election day and thought of doing this...

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