Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama-Biden '08 for a Better America

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"This may be our last chance to reclaim the America we love, to restore the America we know." - Joe Biden, Our Next Vice President

Like everyone else around here, I was paying close attention to the very first Obama-Biden joint campaign appearance today. I wanted to see what Biden would say.

And I must admit that I was impressed with what Obama said today...

As well as what Biden said...

Was this ticket my first pick? Obviously not. But am I ready to work like hell to ensure the Obama-Biden ticket is the winning ticket this fall? You bet I will!

Why? I don't want another elitist celebrity Rethuglican in the White House. He may sound like a good ol' all-American regular guy, but John McCain isn't...

No really. He isn't. Take a look.

We can't afford another four years of this nonsense. We don't need another four years of Bush-Cheney madness. We need change we can believe in, not more of the same unbelievable right-wing extremism that hurts working families.

We need leaders like Barack Obama. We need leaders like Joe Biden. We need change that works for working people. We need change that helps rebuild all the wonderful things about this nation that Bush has broken. We need Obama & Biden in the White House to clean house and restore America's greatness.

So if you can, please join us in supporting Obama-Biden '08. We must stand together now if we want to win this year. We must support our Democratic team now. I hope we'll all be working together now to make real change happen. :-)


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