Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Okay, so there are rumors here, rumors there, and rumors everywhere else. So here comes a rumor that Barack Obama will announce Kathleen Sebelius for Vice President. Tribble Ad Agency has a post up on its blog suggesting that the Obama campaign may have registered the domain name OBAMASEBELIUS.COM. The evidence is very circumstantial, but it's worth a read.


Anonymous said...

There's this from Marc Ambinder talking about how John Kerry and Michelle Obama are telling Sen. Obama to choose a VP candidate he can trust:

In truth, there aren't too many potential VP picks who could be fairly said to have earned Barack Obama's trust. Not Hillary Clinton. Probably not Joe Biden. Not Evan Bayh. How could they? They've spent so little time with Obama, and none on neutral territory, when they have nothing to gain and thus no incentive to modify their behavior.

Michelle Obama, too, has counseled her husband about the imperative to trust the person he picks.

Assuming Obama agrees, it stands to reason that he won't choose someone he does not trust ALREADY.

He trusts Gov. Sebelius. He trusts Gov. Kaine. He trusts Sen. Jack Reed.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd be fine with Sebelius. I just don't care. Nothing will endear me to this candidate, but he'll still get my vote. The only person who'd give me pause would be Hagel or some other Republican.

DCDemocrat said...

Psychodrew: I agree with you. He doesn't have my heart, but he has my vote, and I will be fine with whoever he is. I have very bad feeling about Nunn from the gays in the military debacle, but I am sure I would even suck that up.

Anonymous said...

I think that Nunn has actually recanted on that, no?

DCDemocrat said...

Has Nunn recanted on gays in the military? Anyway, he says he has not been vetted.

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