Friday, August 22, 2008

NV-03: C4O Spotlights Dina Titus

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I'm so excited to kick off our new "C4O Spotlight" series today. As you all know by now, a Democratic victory isn't complete without electing more & better Democrats to Congress. So in that spirit, I'd like to introduce you all to someone very special. Please meet our first C4O All-Star.

As I talked about last weekend, I still have fond memories of my trip to Las Vegas last January. My friends & I helped make a difference in getting Democrats out to caucus. I was able to see Hillary & Bill Clinton in person for the very first time. And yes, I was also able to witness Dina Titus in action.

Dina Titus has been dedicated to serving the people of Suburban Las Vegas in the twenty years she's served in the Nevada State Senate, fifteen of those also working as the Senate Democratic Leader. She's worked to preserve Southern Nevada natural treasures like Red Rock Canyon, expand health care access to working families in Nevada, and improve the schools that serve Nevada's kids. Oh, and when she's not in the Senate, she's busy teaching American & Nevada government at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

But while Dina Titus has been working hard for Nevada's working people, Republican incumbent Jon Porter has been busy serving only himself. He's been a rubber stamp for Bush & Cheney ever since he first took office. He's used his taxpayer funded Congressional office to raise money for his campaign. He's consistently voted against the interests of Southern Nevada's working families if they get in the way of what his fat cat corporate donors want. Basically, Jon Porter is yet another dirty Republican who needs a different kind of job.

Fortunately for us & for Las Vegans, Dina Titus has a great shot at beating Porter. Titus beat Porter by 4 points in the first public poll released. DC political watchers now officially consider this race a toss-up. Democrats have come from behind to take the lead in voter registration. Oh yes, and Barack Obama's agressive Nevada campaign is sure to fire up turnout that can not only turn Nevada blue for Obama, but help Congressional candidates like Dina Titus win as well.

Oh, and let's not forget all the high-profile help Dina Titus is receiving from some great progressive allies! The Sierra Club has endorsed her because she's someone we can trust to fight for what's best for our people and our planet. EMILY's List has endorsed her becuase she'll work her hardest for all the hard working women in Southern Nevada. Dina Titus has even been added to the DCCC's Red to Blue program, which means that national Democrats are confident enough to invest in a victory here!

But you know what? Nonw of that matters if we don't take action! I wouldn't be here today if i didn't think that Dina Titus deserves our
. So please, please join us to take action and help Dina Titus & all our other great All-Star Democrats win. With real progressive fighters like Dina Titus in Congress, we can make a difference foe the better. So if you're as committed to a better & stronger America as I am, please join me in helping great candidates like Dina Titus win. :-)


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