Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will Bower, LIAR

Remember this video of Will Bower, a leader in the PUMA movement, announcing the PUMA's didn't need Obama's help raising money for Hillary?

Guess how much money she actually raised in July: $2.5 million.

What happened to that $6 million, Mr. Bower? I'll tell you what happened. It never existed. But admitting that his coalition wasn't raising money quickly enough wouldn't get him on Fox News, would it?

I have friends who are PUMAs and I will not renounce or criticize them for their decisions. I've tried to keep my ties to them and that won't change. But the leaders of this movement are LIARS. First we have Darragh Murphy reneging on her promise to provide buses to Denver and infighting about misusing funds. Now we have Will Bower making up fake numbers.

Did Mr. Bower ever stop to think that spreading these lies might make it harder for Sen. Clinton to raise money? Of course not. Because this isn't about Hillary Clinton. It's about Will Bower. And Will Bower being interviewed on television. And Will Bower becoming famous for taking down Obama and handing over the White House to McCain.

The PUMAs have raised a lot of very legitimate concerns about the nominating process and the need to reform the party. But when their megalomaniac leaders go around making ridiculous claims like $6 million and a "whitey" tape and 500 buses to Denver, it casts a shadow over the movement and lessens our chances of getting the reform we need.

To my friends on the other side, please ditch your narcissistic leaders and join the Clintonistas for Obama. This is the path that Hillary has chosen and has asked us to walk with her. I'm with Hillary. How about you?


atdnext said...

What an ass. Will Bower is such a blowhard. Why the hell should anyone believe him now?

Lt Dan said...

Hillary continued her campaign past the point of reason, making divisive attacks on Obama when it could do her no good and harming the party's selected horse right out of the starting gate.

There's a reason why Hillary's funding dried up: the party wanted her to stop the bleeding. She didn't heed this and borrowed her way for more attacks on our candidate. Let her pay for her own mistakes.

Anonymous said...

I have a policy of not re-fighting the primary wars, so I'm ignoring your comment. The primaries are over. Barack has moved on. Hillary has moved on. And so have I. Perhaps you should do the same.

Jim said...

Will Bower can just send the checks that he's getting from Karl Rove to Hillary.

Anonymous said...

On July 10, 2008, I received the debt information from two sources, John West (of the "300" Petition, "ClintonDems", "Democracy Workshop", and "I Own My Vote") and Cynthia Ruccia (of "Women for Fair Politics").

Both West and Ruccia later contacted Caren Turner (of "ToGetHer4Us") to confirm with her that they had indeed been my sources.

John West later went on to reveal his source as having been Jamie Brazil -- a cousin of Hillary Clinton (as he has been described to me) -- who (according to West) had received that information in a conference call with Clinton finance-team leader, Jonathan Mantz.

There were other witnesses who had heard such information being generated by one or more of the sources listed above, namely, individuals within the organization "Real Democrats USA"... although they themselves were not responsible for passing that information on to other sources.

This is how it came to pass that I shared this information with the media. We now know that this information was faulty. At the time, however, I had believed these sources to be reliable ones.

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