Saturday, August 23, 2008

Attacking GOP/McCain Smears Part I

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We would be addressing each of the possible smears that GOP/McCain/Bush attack machine are likely to use against Obama/Biden ticket. The objective is to research and get to the truth so our answers are ready to hit back GOP smear machine's falsehoods.

GOP supposedly have started a weblog tracking Biden so called gaffes. This diary tracks one of Biden comments about the Indian community that had been twisted and is likely to be used to attack him. In various forms (which are alive in Youtube and other host sites) this video has been used to falsely smear Biden as a racist.

In reality nothing can be further from the truth. TimesofIndia, one of India's foremost English newspaper, decided to address this smear head on.

In a 2006 campaign appearance, when he was still in contention for the presidential ticket, Biden, boasting about his strong relationship with Indian-Americans in his state, said ''You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.''The remark was misconstrued as being politically incorrect, but Biden quickly put it in perspective saying it was meant to demonstrate his ''incredibly strong'' relationship with Indian-American.

''I was making the point that up until now in my state, we've had a strong Indian community made up of leading scientists and researchers and engineers,'' Biden explained later. ''We're having middle-class people move to Delaware, take over Dunkin' Donuts, take over businesses, just like other immigrant groups have, and I was saying that ... they're growing, it's moving.''

''I could have said that 40 years ago about walking into a delicatessen and hearing an Italian accent in my state,'' he added.

The facts are that Indian-American community in the mid-Atlantic and NorthEast region has a strong relationship of respect and friendship with Biden. Biden in his comments was actually making the point about his closeness to the Indian American community. The community had continued to enthusiastically support Biden in his political life including his current selection as the VP nominee by Obama.

Most Indian-Americans in Delaware, where indeed there has been a boom in small business growth by the community, did not take Biden’s remark amiss. Many of them, especially those involved in businesses relating to motels, liquor stores, and gas stations, are Biden supporters and contributors who have held fund-raisers for him and reeled him into events like the local Navratri garba hosted by the Gujarati community.

''He’s a great guy, very experienced. We love him,'' Pravin Patel, president of the Delaware Asian-American Business Association, said on Saturday after news broke of Biden's selection. ''He will be good for U.S-India relations.'' Patel said he and his associates celebrated the e-mail announcement at 3 a.m.

Please get the message out.


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