Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Media Fail: Convention Preview

The editor's of the Wall Street Journal inadvertently revealed that the media has already written the story on the Democratic National Convention.

"The one thing that Obama should never have agreed to is a roll-call vote with Hillary Clinton," says Jeff Birnbaum, a Washington Post columnist. Mr. Birnbaum nonetheless admits to being "so grateful that we are going to have a story, which is Hillary Clinton's attempt tacitly to take over the Obama victory, and that [story] will go through virtually every day of the convention" given how frequently Bill and Hillary Clinton are scheduled to appear before delegates.
I'm a little confused because I thought journalists were supposed to uncover the facts and report the story, not decide on the story and then interpret the facts to accomodate their storyline.

Although a plurality of Democrats believe that having Hillary's name put into nomination will be good for party unity, the media have already decided that the storyline in Denver will be Party Disunity as Hillary Tries to Steal Nomination. I guess McCain was onto something when he called the media "his base."


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