Monday, October 13, 2008

I guess we're going to get a lot of data today

There are a few more polls out this morning. One of them is a pretty interesting poll from Democracy Corps:

Obama 50
McCain 40
Barr 3
Nader 2
Paul 0

This is interesting, I think, because it repeats R2K's and Washington Post-ABC expansive of Obama lead, that is, 10 points or more. It also is interesting because most polls poll the race as two men facing each other, but Barr and Nader together pull five percent of the electoral, and this poll puts all the contestants face-to-face. Finally, it is interesting because Democracy Corps has a 10 point race now when it was considerably narrower (48-45) the last time they put out data about a week ago.

Meanwhile, Marist Polls confirms Obama's expanding leads in Pennsylvania and Ohio:

Obama 53
McCain 41

(A month ago: Obama 49, McCain 44)

Obama 49
McCain 45

(A month ago: Obama 47, McCain 45.)


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