Monday, October 13, 2008

Today's States of the Race

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SurveyUSA of Georgia:
McCain (R) 51%
Obama (D) 43%

Marist College:

Obama (D) 49%
McCain (R) 45%

Obama (D) 53%
McCain (R) 41%

The bad news: I guess Georgia is still an uphill climb for Obama.

The good news: Fortunately, Obama doesn't need Georgia to win! After all, look at Ohio & Pennsylvania. Ohio still looks close, but Marist still confirms the general trend of Ohio moving toward Obama. Meanwhile, we may as well stick a fork in the McBush campaign in The Keystone State. With Obama now consistently polling 8-14% ahead of McCain in Pennsylvania, it looks like this state's becoming safer for Obama by the week.

Conclusion: Overall, the electoral map seems to be firming up. Other than a few exceptions like West Virginia and North Dakota, "Solid Red States" that had consistently been safe for McBush are staying that way. Meanwhile, Obama has solidified all his "Solid Blue States" that looked pretty good for us. What's really making the difference today is that nearly all the swing states are now trending toward Obama. "Purplish Blue States" like Pennsylvania & New Hampshire that posed problems earlier are now strongly in Obama's column while previously "Purplish Red States" like Colorado & Virginia that were fiercely competitive early this year are now also strongly in Obama's column. If this holds up, then Obama & all of us will have a great night on November 4! :-)


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