Saturday, October 25, 2008

David Frum argues for the Republicans to abandon the McCain campaign

Writing in Sunday's Washington Post, neoconservative former Bush speechwriter David Frum calls for the Republican Party to abandon the McCain campaign and focus instead on imperiled Republican senators. He says in the article that McCain's campaign is pulling down the entire entire Republican ticket from top to bottom:
McCain's awful campaign is having awful consequences down the ballot. I spoke a little while ago to a senior Republican House member. "There is not a safe Republican seat in the country," he warned. "I don't mean that we're going to lose all of them. But we could lose any of them."
He calls for the Republicans to behave strategically and abandon the McCain campaign to attempt to save enough Republican seats in the Senate to stop Democrats' initiative during the first years of the Obama Administration:
In these last days before the vote, Republicans need to face some strategic realities. Our resources are limited, and our message is failing. We cannot fight on all fronts. We are cannibalizing races that we must win and probably can win in order to help a national campaign that is almost certainly lost. In these final 10 days, our goal should be: senators first.
They're abandoning the McCain campaign like rats taking flight from a sinking ship.


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