Thursday, October 23, 2008

Larry Sabato Hints at "The L Word"

Hardly any political reporter/analyst/pundit has the kind of reputation that Larry Sabato has. So for him to now openly suggest the possibility of a DEMOCRATIC LANDSLIDE is nothing short of breathtaking. Here's what he says will happen.

Obama 318 EVs
McCain 171 EVs
Toss-up 49 EVs

In addition to all the Gore-Kerry states going to Obama, Democrats also have a BIG advantage in Iowa & New Mexico and have the edge in Colorado, Nevada, Virginia (just upgraded from "Toss-up"), and Florida. Only North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri, and North Dakota (just upgraded from "Leans Republican") are still "Toss-ups".


57 Democrats
41 Republicans
2 Toss-up

Larry Sabato notes that North Carolina & Oregon have now become "Lean Democratic Pick-ups" while Minnesota & Mississippi are the new "Toss-ups" and Georgia only barely "Leans Republican".

Feeling good? You should! Feeling complacent? You should NOT! Remember that the win on November 4 is only as BIG as we make it, so let's go out, work hard, and MAKE THIS WIN A LANDSLIDE!


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