Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Whack Job Authentique's Campaign Losing Its Wheels

Unhinged Whack Job Authentique Michele Bachmann is having real problems after she called Barack Obama un-American and demanded investigations into the patriotism of Democrats in Congress. So what's the title of the Christian Scientist Monitor story on her campaign problems? "Bachmann’s campaign implodes — anti-Americans run wild." And how does The Fix describe the race? “Bachmann Goes Boom!”

The Washington Post this morning reports that Elwyn Tinklenberg has raised more than a million dollars since the Whack Job Authentique appeared on "Hardball" last week.

Here's his first ad. See what your money is doing to make our Congress ever more blue:

Put Michele Bachmann out of our collective misery. As a sign of your desire to have the Whack Job Authentique go to her well-deserved retirement:

1. Sign the petition asking Congress to censure Michele Bachmann.

2. Donate to Whack Job's Democratic opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, to defeat her and replace her as the congressman from Minnesota's sixth District come the November Election.


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