Thursday, October 23, 2008


For a few weeks during the summer, it looked like Montana was a swing state. But shortly after the Republican Convention, it seemed like "Palinpalooza" sealed the deal for McCain here. Well, that's obviously not the case any more!!

Obama (D) 44%
McCain (R) 40%
Paul (I) 4%
Nader (I) 1%
Barr (L) 1%

With the economy in peril, Montanans seem to be giving Obama another look. Also, Ron Paul stands a serious threat to eat into McCain's numbers enough to throw the state's 3 electoral votes our way.

Simply put, this is nothing short of breathtaking! Who'd have thought that a Democrat could win MONTANA this year??!! This is all the more reason for us to work our behinds off to MAKE. THIS. VICTORY. BIG!!!! :-)


cartunelo said...

obama will win these elections, i'm sure!!!

DCDemocrat said...

My sister lives in Missoula, and she says there are bumper stickers everywhere saying, "A Republican for Obama."

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