Thursday, October 23, 2008

Allstate-National Journal Does the Rust Belt

And the results? Pretty damn good for Democrats!

Obama (D) 50%
McCain (R) 40%

Obama (D) 51%
McCain (R) 41%

Obama (D) 53%
McCain (R) 40%

The bad news: None here!

The good news: All 3 "Barely Blue States" from 2004 look awfully "Solid Blue" now! This is obviously good news for Obama & for us. No matter what crap McCrazy tries to throw at the wall in these states, it doesn't seem like any of it is working. Obama no longer looks to have any "blue-collar" or "white working class" problems anywhere in The Rust Belt. And now with the economy as Issue #1, this only helps Democrats here.

Conclusion: Still, let's NOT get complacent. Let's get working to make our victory BIG! :-D


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