Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah's wardrobe

Politco reports that the Republican National Committee has spent $150,000 to dress Sarah Palin and her family. Saks Fifth Avenue got $49,425.74. In September in Minneapolic, there was a $75,062.63 "spending spree" at Neiman Marcus. The RNC sprung for $4,716.49 in hair and makeup in September.


Aside from the legality of these expenditures, Marc Ambinder is reporting there is a political price tag: Republicans apparently are livid over these expenses. Ambinder reports:
Republicans, RNC donors and at least one RNC staff member have e-mailed me tonight to share their utter (and not-for-attribution) disgust at the expenditures.
Ambinder notes that we Democrats will have a field day with the story, but he believes the RNC will pay the greatest price in the ire of the members of the Republican Party.


PTC said...

Saks Fifth Avenue- $49,425.74.

Neiman Marcus- $75,062.63 .

Hair and makeup- $4,716.49

Being able to "pal around" with Cindy McCain on the RNC dime- Priceless!

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