Friday, October 24, 2008

The Morning's States of the Race

Brought to you by Politico-Insider Advantage!

Obama (D) 48%
McCain (R) 47%

Obama (D) 52%
McCain (R) 42%

The bad news: I guess Florida is close.

The good news: Still, remember that this is the first time Politico-IA has shown Obama ahead in Florida, so he's still moving in the right direction. And OHIO??!! Wow, Obama is REALLY pulling ahead in The Buckeye State! This is the fourth consecutive poll this week (along with Big Ten, Qunnipiac, and Suffolk) showing Obama ahead far outside the margin of error in Ohio, so there's obviously real movement happening here. I guess it's about time that Ohio catch up with the rest of The Rust Belt.

Conclusion: Florida & Ohio may not be key to Obama's victory this year, but they still are key to a large Democratic victory vs. a narrow win. If we can win one or both states, we'll likely see a landslide that gives Obama a BIG mandate AND sends far more Democrats to the House & Senate. That's why it's critical that we NOT give up, NOT get complacent, and keep working until we win & win BIG! :-D


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