Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some updates on early voting around the country

North Carolina: A total of 737,000 North Carolinians have voted in the first week of voting, and there is no easing up of the number from day-to-day. To this point, Democrats have outpaced Republicans 2 to 1 at the polls. Of registered Democrats, nearly one in six has come to the polls while only one in 11 Republicans have made it. Though White individuals outnumber Black persons who have come to the polls by 2 to 1, one in six registered Black persons already has voted while one in 10 White persons has. An AP story reports, "More than 210,000 blacks who are registered as Democrats have cast early ballots in the Tar Heel State — compared with roughly 174,000 registered Republicans overall."

Georgia: 892,230 Georgians have come to the polls since early voting started. In the entire 2004 cycle, only 425,000 Georgians voted early. To date, 317,212 African Americans have come to the polls in Georgia; that's 36% of all early voters even though Black Georgians represent only 29 percent of registered voters in the state and the fact that the presented only 25 percent of voters in 2004.

Nevada: Nevada so far has seen 11 percent of its voting population already cast ballots, that is, 136,000 people. Clark and Washoe counties are Nevada's largest counties and have a majority of Democrats; voting there has had the Democrats outstripping the Republicans by more than 2-1.

Florida has seen 482,000 citizens come to the polls, and a poll of early voters in the Sunshine State suggests Obama leads McCain among those voters by about four points. Democrats have represented 55 percent of early voters.


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