Friday, October 24, 2008

Washington Post/ABC shows Obama's support steady

The Washington Post/ABC News tracking poll sees Obama up by nine points this evening:

Obama 53
McCain 44

Sarah Palin's unfavorable ratings are pretty high:
Both Obama and John McCain sport high favorability ratings. So too does Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. By contrast, ratings for GOP No. 2 Sarah Palin continue to slump. In each Post-ABC poll since the GOP convention, Palin's negatives have gone up among likely voters. Just after the party's nomination convention, 29 percent of likely voters held unfavorable views of Palin; in the new poll that is up to 51 percent.
So the six trackers we follow have these spreads among them:

Gallup Expanded Voter Model, Obama +7
Rasmussen, Obama +7
Hotline, Obama +7
Washington Post/ABC, Obama +9
Zogby, Obama +10
Research 2000/Daily Kos, Obama +12

Talking Points Memo observes:
Adding these polls together and weighting them by the square roots of their sample sizes, Obama is ahead 51.6%-43.1%, a lead of 8.5 points, compared to the 51.5%-43.1% Obama lead from yesterday.
Today, Obama increases his weighted average lead by 0.1, a lead he has increased now each day for several days.


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