Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ipsos-McClatchy Sez: No "McSurge"

So for all the media hype late last week of a "McSurge", this week's round of polls shows no good news for McCain. And really, it has to be called lame that "good news for McCain" means a poll showing him down by high single digits, far outside the margin of error. So yes, let's take a look at tonight's new Ipsos-McClatchy Poll.

Obama (D) 50%
McCain (R) 42%

Obama has an advantage on the economy, health care, energy, and much more. McCain's still ahead on national security, but the gap is narrowing. Obama's approval rating continues to rise while McCain's falls some more.

And this is "good news for McCain"? Maybe in La-la-land. ;-)


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