Thursday, October 23, 2008

CBS-NYT Sez: No "McSurge" Here!

12 days left to go... And still no magic "McSurge" that could instantly send McBush-Failin' to victory. That's what tonight's new CBS-New York Times poll shows.

Obama (D) 52%
McCain (R) 39%

Essentially, no change from last week's results & the results from earlier this week. At this point, McCrazy needs to pick up just over 1% a day just to get to a tie. Sounds doable? Not quite.

Remember that no candidate has ever in the history of modern polling has come from this far behind to win a Presidential Election. Even in 1980, Reagan came from behind with still over a month to go. But with only 12 days to go in 2008? Bye, bye McCrazy.

So does this mean we get complacent in victory? HELL, NO!!!! Again, let's keep working as hard as we can to make this win so BIG that there's no way the GOP can steal it from us.


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