Friday, October 24, 2008


Seriously... GEORGIA??!! Insider Advantage says it can happen.

Obama (D) 48%
McCain (R) 47%

Chambliss (R) 44%
Martin (D) 42%

Yes, these numbers are for real! That's why we can't stop going now. Not since Bill Clinton in 1992 has a Democrat won Georgia's 13 electoral votes. And even better yet, we're extremely close to winning a Senate seat here.

So don't give up... Help Barack Obama & Jim Martin win! :-D


Alisa said...

I LOVE IT!!!! I'm a Georgia Hockey Mama for Obama, and I've been working my butt off down here. Georgia was always a Democrat State, until the right wing took over because of religion. (Not sure why Southerners think that you must be a Republican if you're Christian.) Anyway, I've been buying bumper stickers and giving them away for free to any who wants one (I can't keep them in my car, they're going so fast)! I've been printing t-shirts and yard signs because we couldn't get any down here for so long, and they've been gone for almost a month now. There really are a TON of Obama and Jim Martin supporters down here, and we're ready to make Georgia BLUE again!!!!
Keep it up Georgia!!!!

DCDemocrat said...

Hi, Alysa: I also am a believer, but I am a rock-rib Democrat. I'm very excited about what is happening in Georgia. Keep it up!

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